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Naturpolis Ltd

Naturpolis Ltd – Nordic Business Center is a business development company owned by the city of Kuusamo and the municipality of Taivalkoski. Its task is to promote the creation of profitable business and new jobs in the Kuusamo Region, to assist moving companies and private individuals to settle into the region, to develop the operational preconditions of enterprises and the business environment in the region and to promote regional business cooperation. We conduct regional marketing as well as business and regional development through versatile project activities. We are part of the Association of Regional Development Agencies in Finland (SEKES) network.

Members of the Board: Pertti Juutinen (Chair), Vesa Turpeinen, Tuula Mustonen, Heli Hietala, Mika Haataja, MD Jari Hentilä (Secretary of the Board)

Business Development

We help and support start-ups and operating companies as they launch and develop their business activities and encounter situations involving change. 

We help companies with their investment and financial planning, changes of ownership, settling into the region as well as questions related to sales, marketing and productisation. We also offer contractual long-term coaching and advice to companies with a desire to develop and grow.


Jaakko Iso-Möttönen


Niina Heino

Regional Development

We engage in active cooperation across the provincial and national borders in order to develop e.g. the international tourism and year-round accessibility of the region. The clean wilderness of the region is combined with the traditional exoticism of Lapland and the history of White Sea Karelia, which bring more than one million Finnish and international travellers to Kuusamo and the neighbouring areas each year.

We engage in regional development through, for instance, a regional development team and versatile project activities. The purpose of the development fund managed by the regional development team is to implement joint development projects in the Kuusamo and Taivalkoski region.


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Regional Marketing

The aim of regional marketing is to promote the brands of the owning municipalities. The attractiveness of the region is highlighted by marketing the business opportunities and good municipal services in the region. New residents are informed of the area’s vitality, the good recreational opportunities, the peaceful living environment and inexpensive living. Successful regional marketing brings new enterprises and residents into the region.

In addition to other electronic tools, regional marketing is carried out through the regional portal that showcases the region. The KuusamoRegion newsletter and the social media are actively used in event marketing and to communicate current topics. We are representing North Finland Film Commission in the region, and films shot in the region and other AV productions are utilised in regional marketing. 

The company works in close cooperation with regional tourism companies, the Chamber of Commerce and business associations. We regularly organise events that give the region wide media coverage and increase awareness.

PR and Communication

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