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    Naturpolis Oy – Enhancing the vitality and attractiveness

Naturpolis Oy -- Koillismaa regional development company

Naturpolis Oy is a regional development company, providing support, advice and collaborative networks for both startups and existing companies in the Koillismaa area. Our core expertise lies in recognizing the unique strengths of the region, therefore allowing us to provide the businesses all the right tools to harness these opportunities for their own growth.

Our aim is to support the regional economic growth by

  • coordinating efficient strategies for the regional business incentives, including projects, and welcoming new businesses to the region
  • promoting the marketing, recognizability and distinction of the locally manufactured goods, designs and services
  • implementing the principles of circular economy and promoting smart use of regional material side streams
  • facilitating the formation of business ecosystems and hubs, and sharing our expert knowledge regarding the potential markets and business opportunities
  • running versatile business, R&D and research projects that aim to benefit local businesses, and
  • coordinating recruitment programs for local and international skilled work force and promoting the infrastructure for distance working solutions

Naturpolis Oy is a joint venture owned by the City of Kuusamo and Taivalkoski municipality, with offices in both Kuusamo and Taivalkoski. Our staff consists of professionals in the fields of business development and financing, project management, and various other business sectors.

We are part of the network of SEKES – the Association of Finnish Development Companies.

VISION – A joint vision of the future and good situational awareness of the present ensure the growth of well-being

The actors in the region have common situational awareness of the present moment, and a joint vision of the desired future and the means how to achieve it. Based on the common situational awareness and vision of the future, the actors make effective and correct decisions on investments, on steering education to relevant fields and, for example, on where to allocate public services.

MANAGEMENT – A strong regional and border-crossing orchestrated ecosystem that creates vitality

The actors of the ecosystem support each other in creating well-being. Common goals, customers, and residents make the ecosystem stronger. Multidisciplinary actors are gathered around various phenomena, so that cross-industry solutions enhance the vitality of the entire region. Ecosystems are actively orchestrated towards common goals.

EXPERTISE – Essential experts and skilled workers available to actors in the region 

The region’s entrepreneurs have a sufficient number of skilled workers available, either for permanent or part-time employment. Skilled workers form a network that assists other actors in their times of need. The network is also strengthened by other Finnish and international skilled workers who are the best experts in their field. For example, multi-locality promotes the fact that skilled workers are available for companies in the region.

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