• Business development

    Our business services provides you support in different stages of your company’s operation.

Business services in the Koillismaa region

Our business services assist you in setting up a company, developing your business, and in situations of operational change.

Our business services provides you support in different stages of your company’s operation. You can get advice from us right from starting your company. We offer companies comprehensive consultation service related to growth and operational changes in business, such as changes of ownership or generation.

Naturpolis expert consultation service is provided free of charge to companies operating in the Kuusamo and Taivalkoski region, as well as for companies planning to locate in the region.

Business services in the Koillismaa region

New business owners: We help you to get started on the road to entrepreneurship

We find a suitable company type with you and help you to navigate through the stages of setting up a company. If you consider starting a company in Kuusamo or Taivalkoski, you have free consultation service at your disposal. we refine and clarify your business idea we assist you in preparing a business plan financial consultation we assist you in the preparation of a three-year financial plan we chart the financing options suitable for your business we assist you in applying for funding and start-up grant we help you in networking we help you develop sales and marketing Contact us and make an appointment for a free business consultation!

Operating companies: Does your business need a boost or are there obstacles in the way of your growth?

We provide free consultation for: business development surveying financing options applying for investment subsidies developing sales and marketing relocation and finding premises. In addition, you can use the consultation service of our network of experts.

Changes in business operations: We provide free consultation services for situations such as a change of generation, or for those planning to sell or buy a company.

We provide; basic consultation on change of generation, basic consultation on the process of selling a company, extensive support of our collaborative network in a situation of change. We offer our expertise for planning and implementing changes of company ownership. We help you to take into account the key questions in the sale of your company or a change of generation, and to find good solutions for them.
Jukka Koutaniemi
Yrityskehittäjä (Kuusamo)
Matti Kivelä
Yrityskehittäjä (Taivalkoski)